Dedicated Hosting

What is Dedicated Hosting?

As opposed to a shared server, Dedicated hosting provides exclusive access to all of the power and resources. Increased speed, dependability, and security result from this. Additionally, you are in complete control of the server’s setup, including the hardware configuration and the choice of any special software features.

Self-managed Dedicated Hosting vs Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting?

Self-managed Dedicated hosting:

Deals2Domains’ Self Managed Dedicated Hosting is a good choice if you’re a experienced system administrator with experience administering a server and seek complete control over your hosting environment.

You have full root access and total control with SSH keys, and the command line provides you freedom and power.  In addition, we provide a variety of scalable performance choices with adaptable server setups.

Fully-managed Dedicated hosting:


With Managed Dedicated Hosting, we will do all the heavy lifting of managing the server, site migrations, backups etc. You can just worry about your business while we take care of the hosting.

For more details on Dedicated hosting visit help page.


Web hosting plus
  • Self-Managed Dedicated Hosting
  • Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting
FeaturesSelf-Managed Dedicated HostingFully Managed Dedicated Hosting
starts $13899
starts $23998
Performance4C/8T, 3.0 GHz Turbo - 16C/32T, 2.9 GHz Turbo4C/8T, 3.0 GHz Turbo - 16C/32T, 2.9 GHz Turbo
Storage HDD (RAID-1) Or, Storage SSD (RAID-1)2 x 4TB - 2 x 8 TB HDD, 2 x 500 GB - 2 x 1 TB SSD2 x 4TB - 2 x 8 TB HDD, 2 x 500 GB - 2 x 1 TB
RAM32– 256 GB RAM2 – 32 GB RAM
Operating SystemsCentOS, Ubuntu or Windows ServerCentOS or Windows Server
Control PanelcPanel/WHM, Plesk Obsidian Web Host EditioncPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition
Monitoring and alerts5-minute intervals1-minute intervals
Additional dedicated IP optionsYesYes
CPU, RAM, disk & uptimeYesYes
Services monitoringN/AYes
Proactive remediationN/AYes
Standard Hosting phone supportYesYes
Comprehensive help/how-to video library and technical blogsYesYes
Community peer-to-peer adviceYesYes
Dedicated services team - (control panel recommended)Paid optionUnlimited Service Requests
Site migrationsPaid optionFirst 5 are free. 70% off 6+.
Server setupPaid optionYes
DNS setup and configurationPaid optionYes
SSL installationPaid optionYes
SQL Server Express installPaid optionYes
PHP module install/upgradePaid optionYes
MySQL optimizationPaid optionYes
Call for custom service requestPaid optionYes
Firewall rules configurationPaid optionYes
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